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The Song of Scorpions: Emotional Storm of Irfan’s performance will make you cry seeing Adam’s love on screen | Moviesda | Vegamovies

In many areas of the country, health facilities still do not reach the villages. People still have faith in exorcism, mantras, and ayurveda. Many people still use traditional medicines and mantras to get rid of the poison in snake and scorpion bites. This is also the driving force behind the movie “The Song of Scorpions.” | moviesda | vegamovies

Gutar Gu: A comprehensive review- “Unveiling the rollercoaster ride of emotions in Guneet Monga’s film | e entertainment

“Gutar Gu” is a six-part series that revolves around a simple yet delightful love story of Ritu and Anuj, set in the town of Bhopal. The show is a breath of fresh air in the current era where teenage romance is often portrayed with darker themes and conflicts. The creators, Saqib Pandor, Guneet Monga, and Achin Jain, have crafted a beautiful story that is innocent, sweet, and relatable.

Gumraah [Misguided] Movie Review: Misses the Mark. ‘Gumraah’ in the story of Tamil movie ‘Thadam’| e entertainment

Bhola, which came out last week, and Gumraah (2023), which comes out this Friday, are two new lessons in Hindi cinema. These guidelines still apply to Hindi film viewers. Lessons should be learned by movie critics who lavished praise on the movie “Bhola” despite the fact that it struggled to earn Rs 60 crore in its first week of release.