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Revive the spontaneity of Ramkatha with ADIPURUSH entertainment. Engage in an engaging narrative experienc

Adipurush : Prabhas and Kirti as Ram and Seeta

Adipurush : Prabhas and Kirti as Ram and Seeta

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ADIPURUSH: Both characters trapped in a dilemma, lacking entertainment for Ram, and dramatic dialogues dampening the spontaneity of Ramkatha | Vegamovies

Artists: Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Sunny Singh, Devdutt Nage and Saif Ali Khan

Writer: Om Raut and Manoj Muntashir (Based on Valmiki’s Ramayana)

Director: Om Raut

Producer: Bhushan Kumar, Om Raut and Pramod Suthar etc.

Release: 16 June 2023



Revive the spontaneity of Ramkatha with ADIPURUSH entertainment. Engage in an narrative experienc


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Finding comfort in challenging times is an arduous task, one that becomes even more challenging when simplicity is sought. Particularly when the father has held the throne, the brother must be prepared to accept everything, and the wife’s happiness hinges on remaining in the shadow of her husband. Ram Katha imparts the wisdom of spontaneity to mankind, revealing the elusive key to maintaining simplicity despite acquiring wealth, happiness, and opulence. The key lies in relinquishing the desires of the heart, detaching oneself from joy, fear, and the mind. However, modern cinema seems to have lost touch with simplicity altogether. It has transformed into a crow perched on the same roof, reminiscent of grandmothers who spent their days hoping that the crow’s cawing would bring news of someone’s arrival. Director Om Raut’s latest film, Adipurush, echoes a similar sentiment from Munder Par. This is not merely the tale of Ram, Sita, Lakshmana, Hanuman, and Ravana; instead, it weaves a narrative around Raghav, Janaki, Shesh, Bajrang, and Lankesh. The film effortlessly traverses the Sunderkand before delving into the Lanka Kand, which is nothing short of an epic in its own right, surpassing expectations even after the intermission.


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Adipurush : Prabhas and Kirti as Ram and Seeta



Deviation from the Traditional Image of Ram:

In India, the tradition of portraying mythological tales through the medium of cinema dates back to the inception of the film industry itself. When the first-ever Ram Katha graced the silver screen, the roles of both Ram and Sita were played by the same actor, revealing a unique perspective on Ram’s character, accentuating his gentleness. In a Telugu adaptation of Ramkatha, Ram was depicted with a mustache, and now, as Telugu’s self-proclaimed superstar, Prabhas, takes center stage with his latest film, he too embodies a mustached portrayal of Ram. The day Ram was destined to ascend the throne, the auspicious time was meticulously calculated based on celestial alignments. A wise sage like Guru Vashishtha determined this propitious moment, but ironically, it became the catalyst for King Dashrath’s demise and Ram’s subsequent exile. Ram Katha weaves together a tapestry of such poignant experiences. These emotions are glimpsed in the interactions with characters like Kevat, the humble boatman, the symbolic significance of Shabri’s humble berries, and the profound connection between Ram and Hanuman. The episode of Sushen Vaidya, who ventured into the enemy camp to heal the wounded, holds profound social implications when examined closely. However, amidst the grandiose propaganda surrounding Ram, the vital lesson of social harmony that he imparted seems to have been obscured in the contemporary world.



adipurush-1667179131 ADIPURUSH Entertainment Ramkatha: Reviving the Spontaneity | Vegamovies
Adipurush : Prabhas as Ram 




In the film ‘Adipurush,’ the narrative unfolds with the evolution of Purushottam into Adipurush:

In the film ‘Adipurush,’ there is a pivotal moment where Ram declares, “Janaki is the essence of my life, but dignity holds a higher place than my very existence.” This single line serves as a testament to Ram’s embodiment of the ideal Purushottam, as he prepares to confront Ravana. The army of Ayodhya initially opposes his decision, yet numerous incidents within Ram Katha could have bolstered the filmmakers’ assertion of depicting Ram as the Adipurush of the Treta Yuga. When the younger brother consistently remains devoted to serving and protecting his mother-in-law, it is conceivable that the elder brother would also find moments to cherish romantic encounters with his wife. Though it may seem improbable, if the film is produced by T-Series, an Arijit Singh song is deemed essential. In the realm of filmmaking, whether it be Kabir Singh or Raghav, the inclusion of such a song holds little significance to the creators.



saif%20adipurush-sixteen_nine_41.jpg?VersionId=U9CW2 ADIPURUSH Entertainment Ramkatha: Reviving the Spontaneity | Vegamovies
Adipurush : Saif Ali as Ravan 



The film ‘Adipurush’ falls victim to an over-dramatization of dialogues, which hampers its overall impact:

One major disappointment in the film ‘Adipurush’ lies in its dialogues, which, much like its music and songs, suffer from an excessive sense of melodrama. The dialogues lack the spontaneity and simplicity of thought required for storytelling of this nature. Although Manoj Muntashir, the dialogue writer, has garnered recognition, he seems to have overlooked the essence of humanity within Ram Katha. It becomes apparent after watching the film that Om Raut, the director, did not make any significant alterations despite the outcry following the release of the teaser. All the graphics, special effects, and characters showcased in the teaser remain unchanged. Consequently, this film has become unnecessarily protracted, exceeding its required duration.


1881922-adipurush-movie-leaked-online ADIPURUSH Entertainment Ramkatha: Reviving the Spontaneity | Vegamovies
Adipurush : Prabhas and Kirti as Ram and Seeta


The film ‘Adipurush’ marks a transition from the traditional depiction of Sita-Ram to the portrayal of Janaki-Raghav:

The film ‘Adipurush,’ starring Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, and Sunny Singh, is bound to draw comparisons to previous Hindi adaptations of the Ramayana, particularly Ramanand Sagar’s serial ‘Ramayana.’ When such comparisons arise, one of the primary shortcomings that viewers will notice pertains to Kriti Sanon’s portrayal of Janaki in the film. The artificial alterations made to her face have diminished the softness and gentleness that were once prominent features. Her lips and nose appear unnaturally sharp. While Ram was captivated by the exquisite beauty of Mithila’s princess in the enchanting Pushpa Vatika, Kriti Sanon’s beauty fails to even come close to that allure. A similar observation can be made regarding Prabhas. Despite the reverb added to Sharad Kelkar’s voice in the Hindi version, Prabhas lacks the strength, agility, and magnificence characteristic of Ram. Throughout the entire film, he resembles more of a third version of ‘Bahubali’ rather than embodying the essence of Ram.









Rating: 2/5

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