Bollywood actresses who were kidnapped, unfortunately one brutally murdered

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These Bollywood actresses were kidnapped, tortured and one was brutally murdered

There is no dearth of fans of film actresses. Her beauty and big screen charm and money all together create a magical aura around her, making her fans go crazy for her. Many times his fans go beyond the limits of this craze and even kidnap him. Let us tell you about some actresses who had to face some such situations.

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                             Meenakshi Thapa (4 October 1984 – 19 April 2012)

You must remember actress Meenakshi Thapa. The news of her death shocked everyone. At that time she was working in Kareena Kapoor starrer film ‘Heroine’. Actually, Amit and Preeti kidnapped Meenakshi and demanded Rs 15 lakh from her mother. He threatened Meenakshi’s mother that if she did not fulfill his demand, he would make her daughter act in adult films. After this Meenakshi’s mother gave her 60 thousand rupees. However, later the actress was brutally murdered and beheaded.


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                             Actress Hiba trabelsi

Hiba, who was a contestant of the reality show ‘Splitsvilla 14’, has also been kidnapped once. She disclosed this during the show. Hiba told that she was a victim of human trafficking. Hiba had told, ‘When I initially came to India to make a career in modeling, I was cheated. It was a moment that broke me. I had unknowingly become a victim of human trafficking. It was the scariest moment of my life. The person I trusted the most broke my trust. I was badly broken. I was tortured very badly. I was treated inhumanely. Hiba further said, ‘I was kidnapped and locked in a room. Neither food nor water was given for three days. I did not lose courage and came out of that nightmare.


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People are crazy about the acting and boldness of well-known actress Namita of South Industry. Originally from Surat, Namita’s full name is Namita Vankawala. Namita’s craze in South can be gauged from this, one of her fans tried to kidnap her in Trichy. Later, at the behest of Namita, the police released her.  Namita is worshiped like a goddess in the South. 


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