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Dunki Movie Review: The trio of  Shahrukh, Abhijat and Raju’s partnership could not spark, leading to the detriment of the emotional storyline

Artists: Shah Rukh Khan, Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal, Boman Irani, Vikram Kochhar and Anil Grover etc.

Writer: Raj Kumar Hirani, Abhijat Joshi and Kanika Dhillon

Director: Raj Kumar Hirani

Producer: Raj Kumar Hirani and Gauri Khan

Release: 21 December 2023

Rating:   2/5


Dive into the enchanting world of Bollywood with our latest movie review on ‘DUNKI,’ starring the legendary Shahrukh Khan. Uncover the magic of the silver screen as we provide an in-depth analysis and a definitive rating for this blockbuster. Stay on the cutting edge of cinema with our focus on the freshest releases, ensuring you stay informed about the latest trends. Join us as we explore Shahrukh Khan’s stellar performance in ‘DUNKI’ and discover why it’s a must/must not-watch. For the ultimate Bollywood lovers, our reviews are your gateway to the heart of cinematic brilliance and the latest in Bollywood magic.”



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Formulaic Filmmaking-Shah Rukh Khan Collaborations Turn Predictable with Raj Kumar Hirani Joining the Roster

In latest Bollywood Movies Reviews,the list now includes Raj Kumar Hirani in addition to Anubhav Sinha, Rahul Dholakia, Imtiaz Ali, and Aanand L Rai. This list includes directors who were lucky enough to work with Shah Rukh Khan, the biggest star in Hindi cinema, and who, in their excitement, chose to focus on such a cliched plot, which the audience would have known from the start. A common story is visible in all the music videos of the last four-five years. Boy and girl love each other. The girl starts avoiding boy in favour of her lovely future. After many years the boy and girl meet again. The girl is in bad condition. The boy’s love reawakens after seeing her in this condition. And, both meet again. In a three and a half-hour-long movie, Kanika Dhillon, Abhijat Joshi, and Raj Kumar Hirani tell the story of a three and a half-minute music video. They do it in such a way that, at the very end, Shahrukh Khan is unable to make amends with any of the three.



419142-dunki Latest bollywood movie reviews: DUNKI review and rating
SRK ‘Dunki’: A heartwarming tale 😍


 From ‘Pathan’ Triumph to the ‘Dunki’ Dilemma”

What a fantastic start to 2023 the blockbuster film ‘Pathan’ from Yash Raj Films had on January 25th of this year. Shahrukh Khan, along with Deepika Padukone’s shameless colors and handsome villain John Abraham, pulled the audience sitting at home to the theatres. Then this trend continued from ‘Gadar 2’ till ‘Jawaan’ and ‘Animal’. And, Hindi cinema fans were fully hopeful that Shahrukh Khan would end the year with a blockbuster family entertainer. But, this could not happen. And, now it is a situation that the post-mortem of Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Dunki’ will continue for a long time to come as to where the superhit pair of Abhijat Joshi and Raj Kumar Hirani went wrong in this film. Was a line from Manna Dey’s moving song in the movie “Kabuliwala” –‘Hum Jahan Paida Hue,  Wahaan Hi Nikle Dum, Tujh Pe Dil Kurbaan’or did Kanika Dhillon error in trying to make the movie seem “modern”?  But by making a film in 2023, Raj Kumar Hirani made a mistake in sensing the pulse of his audience. What a fantastic song that Prem Dhawan wrote for this 1961 movie! This year would have been his 100th birthday had he been alive.



e932a31e-3acc-40ac-9dc2-047247ff8269-1 Latest bollywood movie reviews: DUNKI review and rating
Shah Rukh Khan Starrer Dunki Is Out, Another Rajkumar Hirani Masterpiece And Hat-trick Of Blockbusters For SRK?


‘Dunki’ Struggles to Deliver Early Promises, Losing Momentum in the Second Half”

The thing about which there was a lot of publicity in the film ‘Dunki’, remains missing in the film till the interval. The movie takes so long to set up its idea that, despite its best efforts, the second half of the movie is unable to handle. Furthermore, the Javed Akhtar song Aate Aate, which Sonu Nigam sings in the movie based on Prem Dhawan’s song, has so bored the audience that no one is even listen to the lyrics. This time Raj Kumar Hirani left his familiar corridors and reached Punjab. In the story of youth desperate to go abroad in the village Laltu, a soldier named Harry Singh Dhillon (yes, a soldier again) appears. He comes to return his rescuer’s tape recorder, but he stays to realise the aspirations of those around him. The film takes so much time in establishing the premise of a soldier illegally transporting these people to London that the iodine evaporates in the air by the time the real salt is tasted.



bts-from-dunki-v0-gkya8u9mv17c1 Latest bollywood movie reviews: DUNKI review and rating
Dunki: Will it break records?


Raj Kumar Hirani’s ‘Dunki’ Fails, Shahrukh Khan’s Unconvincing Portrayal and Commercial Overload”

Not only has Raj Kumar Hirani lost the faith of his fans in ‘Dunki’, his first film made after coming out of the Vidhu Vinod Chopra camp, Shahrukh Khan has also left no stone unturned in breaking the hearts of his fans. His character speaks Punjabi nonstop during the movie. It demonstrates unequivocally that his Punjabi has changed since moving to Bombay from Delhi. A lot of advertisements are shown before and during the start of the film, to show what is the brand value of Shahrukh Khan? He is also seen with his arms spread in his familiar style in a washing powder advertisement. The film ‘Dunki’ has become ineffective.



srk-donki3112023m2.jpg?w=376&dpr=2 Latest bollywood movie reviews: DUNKI review and rating
Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Dunki : an Emotional Journey


Shah Rukh Khan’s Repetitive Action Sequences and Missing Charisma

Observing Shah Rukh Khan in this movie, it appears that his attire has changed to reflect his appearances in the films “Pathan” and “Jawaan.” Both these films have been action films, so without any need, two action scenes of Shahrukh have been included in the film ‘Dunki’. In one film gun firing and in the other dodging bullets. The story mostly takes place in 1995 and what Shah Rukh looked like then, not only this country but his crores of fans across the world can tell. The charisma that Atlee once again created in ‘Jawaan’ of the elderly Shahrukh of 2023 is not in the DNA of the film ‘Dunki’. Shahrukh Khan’s involvement in the film’s production is unknown, but it appears from viewing it that he had some input into the decision to include his roles from the films “Pathan” and “Jawan” in this one as well. Furthermore, I have already mentioned in the opening of the review how Shahrukh, whose films the public had previously greatly trusted, caused the seasoned director of Hindi cinema to immediately lose sight of his craft.



dunk-drop1 Latest bollywood movie reviews: DUNKI review and rating
Dunki Teaser: Shah Rukh Khan’s Hardy faces High and Low to get his Family to London


Lackluster Production Design Adds to the Weaknesses of ‘Dunki’

Apart from the film’s story, screenplay, direction and Shahrukh Khan’s average acting, the other major weakness of the film is its production design. The personnel working on this movie appears to have seen a lot of Yash Chopra films before assembling the sets for Punjab. The movie Dunki features havelis and streets from Yash Raj Films’ “Veer Zara” to “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi,” London, Dubai, UAE are all seen. Apart from the reverse Dunki scene, there is nothing in the film that will make you jump out of your seat and think what is going to happen next? The director even had to insert a line to establish this, saying, “Meri Maa Kehti Thi, you seem like a complete foreigner,” because all the actors look so white. Songs, Shaane toh ji, are as they are. There was great anger over the fact that the years that were passing so happily are about to end with the release of such a film.






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