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Jehanabad: Of Love And War accurately depicts the caste violence and political scheming in Bihar.

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Review of “Jehanabad: Of Love And War” 

Jehanabad: Of Love And War accurately depicts the caste violence and political scheming in Bihar.


Producer: Sudhir Mishra and Rajeev Barnwal.

Director: Rajeev Barnwal and Satyanshu Singh.


Ritwik Bhowmik as Abhimanyu Singh.

Parambrata Chatterjee as Deepak Kumar.

Harshita Gaur as Kasturi Mishra.

Rajat Kapoor as Shivanand Singh.

Satyadeep Mishra as SP Durgesh Pratap Singh.

Suneel Sinha as Jagmohan Kumar A.K.A Mamaji.

Sonal Jha as Kumud Mishra.

Rajesh Jais as Rajendra Mishra.

Streaming On: Sony Liv.

Language: Hindi (with subtitles).

Runtime: 10 Episodes Around 45 Minutes Each.


Since the release of his debut film, Yeh Woh Manzil To Nahin, Sudhir Mishra has been inspired by the concept of young radicalism and violent resistance to an unjust system (1987).

With his best-known picture, Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi, he returned to it (2003).

He is now the showrunner for the Bihar Naxal region-set television series Jehanabad: Of Love And War.

Jehanabad is still a disadvantaged, caste-based town in 2005.



Naxal leader Deepak Kumar (Parambrata Chatterjee) is being held at Jehanabad jail and is causing problems for the sympathetic jailor Tripathi and the tense Superintendent of Police Durgesh Pratap Singh (Satyadeep Mishra) (Ramakant Daayama).

With the assistance of jail employees who support his battle for the advancement of his caste, Deepak maintains contact with his organisation even while incarcerated.

Harshita Gaur’s bubbly college student Kasturi Mishra (fed on a diet of romantic comedies) falls in love with the new English lecturer, Abhimanyu Singh, as violence simmers in the background (Ritwik Bhowmik). She pursues him with such tenacity that he develops feelings for her as well, which causes a series of tragic incidents.

Thakur Shivanand Singh (Rajat Kapoor) is trying to retake his seat from the current lower caste MLA in this tense environment since North India, and Bihar in particular, is a tinderbox of dishonest, caste-based politics (Nirmal Kant Chaudhary).


Jehanabad_1674534514042_1674534514257_1674534514257 Movie Review of  - Jehanabad: Of Love And War . Thrilling!
Jehanabad – Of Love & War


Kasturi’s father Rajendra Mishra (Rajesh Jais), who oversees the jail canteen, is good friends with the merciless Shivanand Singh, who appears friendly and approachable on the outside.

Although Kasturi’s mother Kumud (Sonal Jha) struggles to accept an inter-caste union for her daughter, once she is won over, she adores Abhimanyu, who  has his attractive uncle (Suneel Sinha), the professor with a covert identity.

Plans are being made to invade the town and rescue Deepak while wedding preparations are underway for Kasturi and Abhimanyu. She quickly transitions into the role of the wife, picking out his clothing and giving him food.


jehanabad_review_1-sixteen_nine Movie Review of  - Jehanabad: Of Love And War . Thrilling!
Jehanabad – Of Love & War


Despite the fact that political intrigue and caste violence have been the focus of several serials, writer Rajeev Barnwal, who co-directs with Satyanshu Singh, has accurately and subtly caught the spirit and dialect of small town Bihar.

The secondary characters, including the ferocious Naxal warrior Laxmi Uraon (Paulomi Das), Shivanand’s multi-tasking goon Dubey (Raju Bisht), and the obedient officer Subodh Singh, have had an appropriate amount of scenes (Shashi Bhushan).

Although the drama moves at a leisurely pace, there are regular and unexpected turns that act as teasers for the upcoming episodes.


186301-lybtdufwnp-1675103835 Movie Review of  - Jehanabad: Of Love And War . Thrilling!


Rajat Kapoor, who often portrays slick city figures, is a perfect fit for the mofussil leader’s eccentricities, which include taking Polaroid photos of all significant occasions and giving guests sweets with the phrase “Ghar ki gai ke doodh se bana hai.”

The main couple, Kasturi’s parents, the cunning uncle, and of course Deepak Kumar as the fiery revolutionary are all excellent choices for the roles.


02jehanabad1 Movie Review of  - Jehanabad: Of Love And War . Thrilling!


Jehanabad is based on a true story that happened in 2005, the same year that the series is set.

The adoption of mobile phones, but not social media or biometric security measures, which made fabricating identities simpler, was immediately before the telecom boom.

If there is anything disappointing about the show, it is the implausible conclusion that was forced in order to pave the way for a second season.


My rating: 3/5


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